build2 | C++ Build Toolchain

build2 is an open source (MIT), cross-platform build toolchain for developing and packaging C and C++ code. It is a hierarchy of tools that includes the build system, package dependency manager (for package consumption), and project dependency manager (for project development). Key features:

Starting a new project is as easy as:

$ bdep new -t exe -l c++ hello
$ cd hello
$ bdep init -C ../hello-gcc cc config.cxx=g++

Or to start hacking on an existing (this time on Windows):

> git clone ssh://
> cd hello
> bdep init -C ..\hello-msvc cc config.cxx=cl

To get started, see the Toolchain Introduction and Installation Instructions. Alternatively, if you prefer to watch and listen, the CppCon 2018 presentation provides a good overview. To learn more about the project see the general FAQ.