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12 Sep 2018 | build2 0.8.0 Released
This release includes a large number of major new features, primarily in the build system and project dependency manager, as well as substantial additions to the documentation. We have also started, a free CI service for open source projects that use build2.
30 May 2018 | build2 0.7.0 Released
This release is essentially a brand new toolchain, with new tooling, new workflow, and new documentation. A relaunch, if you will.
08 Aug 2017 | build2 0.6.0 Released
The bulk of the development in this release cycle has again gone into the build system. The two features that undoubtedly stand out are support for C++ Modules TS and precise C/C++ source change detection. Other notable new features include build progress display, automatic generation of pkg-config files for installed libraries, and initial support for utility libraries.
04 May 2017 | build2 0.5.0 Released
With almost 500 commits, the bulk of the development in this release cycle has gone into the build system. The two major features are parallel builds and Testscript. There is also a large number of usability improvements, including support for wildcard patterns and automated project version management.
01 Apr 2017 | Important Project Announcements
We have several very important announcements about exciting new developments in the build2 project... ok, it's April 1 and everyone knows this is a hoax.