build2 | Community

The build2 toolchain is developed in the open by the community of people who come together to make creating and maintaining build infrastructure for real-world software projects a pleasant experience.

Getting Help

The build2 project runs a number of public mailing lists. Questions, bug reports, suggestions can all be sent to There is also the #build2 channel on where all of the above is welcome as well. Bugs can also be reported on

Source Repository

The build2 project is developed in a number of self-hosted git repositories that are available to browse and clone (via the smart https: protocol) from Most of these repositories are also mirrored on

Note that some of the repositories use advanced git features (such as submodules, ignorable changes, etc) so after cloning make sure to check the accompanying README-GIT file (if present) for any special instructions.

To submit patches you can either email them to the mailing list or create an issue/pull request on