build2 | Documentation

General questions about the build2 project.
Toolchain Introduction
Introduction based on the customary "Hello, World!" example.
Toolchain Installation and Upgrade
Installation and upgrade instructions for all the platforms and compilers.
Testscript Language Manual
Description of the Testscript test-running language.
Build System Manual [DRAFT]
Early draft/work-in-progress of the build system documentation.
Package Manager Manual [DRAFT]
Early draft/work-in-progress of the package manager documentation.
Build system driver man page.
Package manager man page. Includes links to man pages for all the commands.
Repository web interface database load utility man page.
Repository web interface database schema creation/migration utility man page.

Release Notes





Talks & Presentations

Building C++ Modules
Presentation from CppCon 2017 on C++ Modules (slides).
C++ Modules and Packages: Making Dreams Come True
Lightning talk from CppCon 2017 on what using modules and packages could be like.
Using build2, C++ Build Toolchain
Presentation from CppCon 2016 on using the build2 package manager and build system (slides, terminal).
Where is Build System Innovation?
Lightning talk from CppCon 2016 on the lack of C++ build system innovation.
The Design of a New C++ Build Toolchain
Presentation from C++Now 2016 on the design of the build2 toolchain (slides, terminal).
New Build System for New C++
Presentation from C++Now 2015 on the build2 build system (slides).
C++ Package Manager
Lightning talk from CppCon 2014 on why we need a package manager in C++.

Other Resources

Common C++ Modules TS Misconceptions
Examination of the more common C++ Modules TS misconceptions.
Separate Preprocess and Compile Performance
Performance numbers for the separate C/C++ preprocess and compile mode.
And This is Why build2 Uses SHA256
Note on recent SHA1 collision and how it affects build2.
Notes on Visual Studio 15
Notes on the Visual Studio 15 (2017) C/C++ toolchain.