build2 | 0.7.0 Release Notes

While normally these notes would provide a more detailed discussion of major new features, this time it will be just the highlights because this is essentially a brand new toolchain, with new tooling, new workflow, and new documentation. A relaunch, if you will.

But if you are still interested in the complete list of changes, see the Release Announcement or the NEWS files in the individual packages. Do make sure to also check the new Introduction, though. The highlights:

Cargo-like project dependency manager for C++
Covers the entire project lifecycle: creation, development, testing, and delivery.
The Toolchain Introduction
Brand new, rewritten from scratch.
Automated install scripts for major platforms & compilers.
Now you can easily install (and uninstall) the toolchain on GNU/Linux, Mac OS, FreeBSD, and Windows (with MSVC or MinGW GCC).
GitHub mirror
The project repositories are now available on and you are welcome to submit issues/patches via this channel in addition to the mailing list.